Judge Judy Recap: Personal Loans Suit v. Ex-Boyfriend Dismissed (3/20/14)

Judge Judy Sheindlin directs former landlord Peggy Terrill to refund $331, part of Misty Zieglers deposit, and dismisses Peggys $1,000 countersuit for repairs. The judge then dismisses Jessica Arneson(left, photo)s case against ex-boyfriend Kevin Crane (right), for loans. Judge Judy then awards $5,000 to Pamela Doyle for her daughter Renee Moaks broken lease. The judge […]

Estate Planning Basics

Knowing what you want for your family is one of the estate planning basics to consider when discussing the disbursement of your assets upon your death. Most estate plans are designed to complete the following tasks: preserving your wealth for your beneficiaries, help to reduce conflict among family members, minimize tax issues related to your […]