Rauner on WLS to pitch property tax relief

By John Dempsey, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he is committed to reaching a budget compromise, even though Democrats accuse the Governor of being too rigid, with one week remaining in the spring legislative session.

Rauner told “The Big John and Ray Show” on WLS that he cannot approve a budget unless it contains local property tax relief.

“We’re here in Springfield working hard, get a balanced budget, truly balanced, and with real property tax relief. Our property taxes are the number one problem,” said Rauner, “I will alwaysnegotiate and always compromise but we need a real deal that moves the needle and truly protects taxpayers. They have not agreed for true property tax relief. It’s the number one burden on our families in Illinois. It’s the number one tax it’s pushing our employers out and crushing our jobs and making high unemployment.”