The recipe for financial freedom


A food ordering app is givingwomen in Egypt the opportunity to enjoy financial freedom.

TheMummplatform takes care of the delivery element, while Egyptian women and refugees based in the country concentrate on making delicious dishes in their own home.

“Mumm’s meals are always cleaner and better than food products you would get in restaurants as they are created with love and care,” Waleed Abd El Rahman, Mumm CEO, told the World Economic Forum (WEF).

WEFrecognised Mumm as a game-changing young company that is using digital tech to make a positive impact inthe Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) at its recent summit in Jordan

Millennials are saving their money, but not for retirement

HOUSTON — Once again, millennials are breaking the mold!

A new Merrill Edge report suggests millennials arent saving for the future, but for fulfillment instead. Researchers said it is the first generation to plan for financial freedom, instead of retirement.

An estimated 63% of millennials polled say they are saving to live their desired lifestyle, but only 45% of Gen Xers share that same fun first mindset.

On the flip side, 55% of baby boomers said they were saving to leave the workforce, while only 37% of millennials are worried about their golden years.

Young adults are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve freedom and flexibility– even if it means working for the rest of their lives, Aaron Levine said.

It looks like saving for a rainy day is no longer the way, and living in the now is the wave of the future!

Open house held for last house in Lee Square neighborhood

Lee Square is a collaborative effort between the City of Bowling Green, the Housing Authority, and HANDS.

There are 27 homes in the neighborhood thats designed for low to moderate income individuals.

The homeowners are required to go through credit counseling and some down payment assistance is provided, but the homeowner must keep the house for 20 years or pay that money back.

The newest resident of Lee Square, Shalana Beasley, is ready to move her family in.

Im so excited. I never really thought about actually buying a house until a couple of years ago. I thought it would be something to later pass on to my kids so theyll be appreciative, hopefully, as they get older and actually understand.

Beasley is hoping to close on her new house within the week.