Revolutionary tools for financial freedom

KUCHING: Marco Robinson has made his name as a multi-million dollar property investor, No 1 best selling author and award-winning entrepreneur after decades of struggle and disappointment.

Marco will be conducting his free Seminar Live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah at Hilton Kota Kinabalu today (June 3).

He is on a mission to help Malaysians change their lives by sharing his story and the unorthodox tools to achieve financial freedom through workshops and boot camps conducted under The Wealth Revolution Group he founded.

No stranger to public speaking and the motivational talk circuit, he has made countless appearances in a number of radio and television networks in the United Kingdom and the pages of renowned publications such as Forbes and Bloomberg.

Robinson also owns a number of businesses operating under his global franchise NAKED. They include companies in the travel, food and beverage, property, cosmetics and entertainment sector. They are part of the New Rich List – an accelerator programme for startups – based on his patented cryptocurrency, NAKED dollars (NKD$).

The cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain technology. NKD$ will enable loyal consumers to save money on their usual spending habits. It will also earn them rewards on every purchase from companies under the New Rich List umbrella.

His greatest success though is being able to give houses to the underprivileged and persecuted to give them a chance at living a full life.

He recently completed filming ‘My Great Property Giveaway’ with Channel 4 in the UK (prime time 30 million viewers) and spent the last 12 weeks searching for people most deserving of a brand new home.

This show is the most important documentary on affordable housing ever produced and televised.

Robinson was the only person willing to offer one of his properties, mortgage free, to a deserving underprivileged family.

He has also helped a beautiful Syrian family find sanctuary and peace.

Robinson’s journey to financial freedom began in direct sales.

In 2000, a twist of fate saw him lose his job as projector director for one of the biggest public companies in Malaysia, his marriage collapsing and suffering a heart attack at the age of 29.

With nothing but a beat up Volvo and laptop to his name, Marco wrote his first book titled ‘Close the Deal amp; Suddenly Grow Rich’. It chronicled his life as a salesperson and went on to become a #1 Best Seller.

Dumbfounded by its success, but barely surviving on its royalty, Robinson began asking himself how he could turn himself into a millionaire.

The possibilities were infinite but it was not until a year later when the light bulb in his mind went off.

Using his intuition to guide him, history to forewarn him and open mind to constantly push him, he made a personal fortune of US$12 million in 2009 from developing the first Vacation Incentive Company in the world which attracted big clients such as Citibank, BMW, Mercedes and many others.

His second book ‘The Financial Freedom Guarantee’ is an award-winning retirement plan that outlines the strategies he adopted to amass his fortune in property.

At a glance, Robinson’s life may seem like a whirlwind romance with fate and fortune, but his undeterred vision of always setting a new height – and reaching it – is what propelled him to the level of financial freedom so many strive for, but few succeed.

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